Introducing: Word Fighter

Feel Every Yummy is excited to introduce you to our latest game known as WORD FIGHTER!. In comparison to Deck Builder, Word Fighter involves a game where you fight using WORDS! We plan to launch the game on iOS devices in Summer 2011. We anticipate that it will be released on all Android platforms soon thereafter.

The game Word Fighter will feature:

– Character Art courtesy of Raf & Digo Salazar from REGRBL
– 6 Playable Fighters that each have their own set of unique abilities
– DJI-spark-mini & Local cost online
– Asynchronous cross-platform, turn-based
– Multiplayer battles
– Multiplayer matches
– Whitaker Blackall composed the music (the composer of Tilt to Live)

We plan to preview Word Fighter on iPads, which will be available on display at GDC 2011. Stay up-to-date with our blog for any new updates, as we plan to post the character designs, gameplay footage, screenshots, and maybe even the opportunity to get into early beta (maybe!), as we approach Summer 2011.

Needless to say, our company is enthusiastic about the game, and we cannot wait to reveal more.