Word Fighter is in the PAX 10!

We really thought we were a long shot… but it’s actually happened! Word Fighter has been selected for this year’s PAX 10 at Penny Arcade Expo 2011! Words can’t express how excited we are to be chosen as one of PAX’s favorite independent games this year. It feels great to be validated in such a way by your peers in the industry — it means the hard work has not been in vain!

Big thanks & congratulations go out to the Word Fighter team: Kris Zabala, our co-founder and rockstar developer, Raf & Digo Salazar, our amazing artists pumping out fantastic character designs and animations, and Whitaker Blackall, hands down the best and hardest working composer I know. And a special thanks to our friends Ed, Cup, Oguns, Lily, Kareena, and Yida for all their support, advice, and voice acting in our game!

Speaking of the game, we have yet to officially reveal the new art style for Word Fighter, so I guess here it is! Below is the latest screenshot, with an all-new theme featuring our new literary superhero characters. Agatha is battling Edgar in his mansion, and she looks poised to win:



We’ll have more updates very soon, including a debut trailer showing off new in-game footage.

If you’re going to PAX Prime this year, stop by our booth and check out our game! We can’t wait to see you.