An Unfortunate Announcement on Word Fighter

I must say that I’m really not happy sharing this piece of news but I’ll just go ahead and do it all the same:

We’re delaying the Word Fighter release until a later date

To put it simply, we need more time. We were extremely eager to do the release this fall, but we evaluate the game and decide that we were not ready to release it in its current state. We simply do not want to let down our loyal supporters and fans of the game, especially with Word Fighter being a multiplayer game. In a bid to keep up with prevailing standards in the gaming industry, Word Fighter needs to be nothing short of perfect. This means players need to be able to easily find each other with minimal lag. Unfortunately, the game is just not there yet. The best decision we could make is to hold off on the release until we have something amazing to offer everyone.

I’m going to reveal certain aspects of how our team operates that were hitherto unknown to the public. While FEY is an independent team of collaborators, each and every one of us has a full-time occupation. Personally, I work as a full-time iOS and mobile apps developer in Washington, DC. There are other members of the team who are teachers, bartenders, consultants and many other professionals. Another member of our team offers grease trap services in Phoenix. Basically, our jobs pay the bills, and we work on the game during our free time. It’s not the best arrangement but it has been working just fine. If we are fortunate to work on Word Fighter full-time, we will give it our all.

We enjoy our work, and we are proud of our achievement so far. We simply need a little more time to polish a few things in the game before we release it to you guys. We sincerely hope you understand.



Designer and Co-Founder