Word Fighter Characters: Neil – “The Rival”

Here is the reveal of our second character: Neil! This portrait, in turn, was created by the equally awesome Digo Salazar from REGRBL. We’ve also left some clues in the text of these portraits for how we’re naming our character. Can you see the pattern based on the first two we’ve revealed?

Neil – “The Rival”

Neil is a rockstar graduate student at an Ivy League university. He is the epitome of the word elite, and he’s not ashamed to show it. Neil is also a highly-trained word fighter. No one has ever beaten him, until one drunken incident leads him to encounter J.D in a back alley. Neil loses and is furious with himself, and vows to train with the sole purpose of defeating J.D. in their next encounter.

A few more goodies to reveal before GDC, which is less than a week away now. Stick tuned, friends.