What Are The Best Free Android Games In 2020

Every year there are brand new games that enter the Google Play Store. There are so many high-quality games that are completely free that you might find it difficult to spend any money at all. Below, we will be going over some of the best of 2020.

Best Free Android Games:

1. PUBG Mobile

This is easily one of the most fun games you will find on the marketplace. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a penny. Tencent managed to deliver an extremely compelling port of the ever so popular PC and console game titled “Player Unknown Battlegrounds.”

2. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty has been and continues to be one of the best free-to-play games on PC and console since Warzone released. However, their mobile game is arguably just as good. It is completely free to play and it was designed from the ground up exclusively for mobile phones. You can play with some of the most iconic maps in the Call of Duty franchise which makes it a must-play for anyone who is into Call of Duty.

3. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO might not be a 2020 game, but it is still one of the best available. Pokemon GO’s craze might have died down, but what remains is a very fun core gameplay loop that will have you coming back for more.

4. Brawl Stars

This game is another extremely fun and exciting game you can find for free on the Google Play Store for Android. The game itself is free but you can purchase in-game items. However, you don’t need any in-game items to have a great time with the game. You can battle 3v3 with different players across the globe which can make it extremely competitive.

Overall, there are a lot of free games that are considered must-plays on Android. The list above features some of the standouts in 2020.


This article was written by one of the members of grease trap services in San Diego.

Introducing: Word Fighter

Feel Every Yummy is excited to introduce you to our latest game known as WORD FIGHTER!. In comparison to Deck Builder, Word Fighter involves a game where you fight using WORDS! We plan to launch the game on iOS devices in Summer 2011. We anticipate that it will be released on all Android platforms soon thereafter.

The game Word Fighter will feature:

– Character Art courtesy of Raf & Digo Salazar from REGRBL
– 6 Playable Fighters that each have their own set of unique abilities
– DJI-spark-mini & Local cost online
– Asynchronous cross-platform, turn-based
– Multiplayer battles
– Multiplayer matches
– Whitaker Blackall composed the music (the composer of Tilt to Live)

We plan to preview Word Fighter on iPads, which will be available on display at GDC 2011. Stay up-to-date with our blog for any new updates, as we plan to post the character designs, gameplay footage, screenshots, and maybe even the opportunity to get into early beta (maybe!), as we approach Summer 2011.

Needless to say, our company is enthusiastic about the game, and we cannot wait to reveal more.


An Unfortunate Announcement on Word Fighter

I must say that I’m really not happy sharing this piece of news but I’ll just go ahead and do it all the same:

We’re delaying the Word Fighter release until a later date

To put it simply, we need more time. We were extremely eager to do the release this fall, but we evaluate the game and decide that we were not ready to release it in its current state. We simply do not want to let down our loyal supporters and fans of the game, especially with Word Fighter being a multiplayer game. In a bid to keep up with prevailing standards in the gaming industry, Word Fighter needs to be nothing short of perfect. This means players need to be able to easily find each other with minimal lag. Unfortunately, the game is just not there yet. The best decision we could make is to hold off on the release until we have something amazing to offer everyone.

I’m going to reveal certain aspects of how our team operates that were hitherto unknown to the public. While FEY is an independent team of collaborators, each and every one of us has a full-time occupation. Personally, I work as a full-time iOS and mobile apps developer in Washington, DC. There are other members of the team who are teachers, bartenders, consultants and many other professionals. Another member of our team offers grease trap services in Phoenix. Basically, our jobs pay the bills, and we work on the game during our free time. It’s not the best arrangement but it has been working just fine. If we are fortunate to work on Word Fighter full-time, we will give it our all.

We enjoy our work, and we are proud of our achievement so far. We simply need a little more time to polish a few things in the game before we release it to you guys. We sincerely hope you understand.



Designer and Co-Founder

Writer Rumble is coming to the App Store on Nov 29!

Aaaaaaaaand we’re back!

There have certainly been some questions raised (and rightfully so) on the status of Word Fighter in our prolonged absence. Our lips have been sealed for quite some time, but I’m happy to announce today that Word Fighter is alive and well, under the new name Writer Rumble!* The game is coming to the App Store on Thursday, November 29 (that’s days away!), and we have partnered with GameFly Games to publish it. Writer Rumble will be the first game to be released under the GameFly Games banner, and we could not be more excited.

It has been a long and arduous journey for the Writer Rumble team, and the folks at GameFly have been incredibly supportive in helping us push to release. Much credit goes out to Garnett Lee, Director of Publishing at GameFly Games, who has been with us every step of the way. There are many more people to thank, but the most important thing is that the game is finally HERE and it’s coming to the App Store on November 29!

Take a look at the announcement trailer below:


We cannot wait for you to get your hands on it, and more importantly, we want to hear from you! There WILL be more updates and more content (and more characters!), and much of it will be based on YOUR feedback. The best way to do that is by liking the Writer Rumble Facebook Page and posting a message to us. You can also follow Writer Rumble on Twitter for more updates. November 29 is only the beginning. We will make Writer Rumble even better, and the community will play a big part of it.


* For those wondering about the title change, the reason for that was simple: there were trademark issues with the original name. Writer Rumble is ours to own from the get-go, and we love the new name — it’s like the Royal Rumble of Writers!

Word Fighter Characters: J.D. – “The Hero”

We’re excited to reveal the first playable character in Word Fighter: J.D.! The awesome portrait of J.D. you see above was created by the super-talented Raf Salazar from REGRBL. More will be revealed about J.D. in the future, but here is a rough synopsis of his background:

J.D. – “The Hero”

Growing up an orphan, J.D. had a very rough-and-tumble childhood. As a young boy, he was caught stealing a book from a shop by an old scholar. This scholar, however, decided to take the young boy under his wing, to teach him discipline and hard work through the art of word fighting. Now, J.D. lives a spartan lifestyle, and he gets by where he can. He fights only when he needs to.

We will reveal more characters and game screenshots as we get closer to GDC. Stay tuned!


Word Fighter Characters: Neil – “The Rival”

Here is the reveal of our second character: Neil! This portrait, in turn, was created by the equally awesome Digo Salazar from REGRBL. We’ve also left some clues in the text of these portraits for how we’re naming our character. Can you see the pattern based on the first two we’ve revealed?

Neil – “The Rival”

Neil is a rockstar graduate student at an Ivy League university. He is the epitome of the word elite, and he’s not ashamed to show it. Neil is also a highly-trained word fighter. No one has ever beaten him, until one drunken incident leads him to encounter J.D in a back alley. Neil loses and is furious with himself, and vows to train with the sole purpose of defeating J.D. in their next encounter.

A few more goodies to reveal before GDC, which is less than a week away now. Stick tuned, friends.


Word Fighter is in the PAX 10!

We really thought we were a long shot… but it’s actually happened! Word Fighter has been selected for this year’s PAX 10 at Penny Arcade Expo 2011! Words can’t express how excited we are to be chosen as one of PAX’s favorite independent games this year. It feels great to be validated in such a way by your peers in the industry — it means the hard work has not been in vain!

Big thanks & congratulations go out to the Word Fighter team: Kris Zabala, our co-founder and rockstar developer, Raf & Digo Salazar, our amazing artists pumping out fantastic character designs and animations, and Whitaker Blackall, hands down the best and hardest working composer I know. And a special thanks to our friends Ed, Cup, Oguns, Lily, Kareena, and Yida for all their support, advice, and voice acting in our game!

Speaking of the game, we have yet to officially reveal the new art style for Word Fighter, so I guess here it is! Below is the latest screenshot, with an all-new theme featuring our new literary superhero characters. Agatha is battling Edgar in his mansion, and she looks poised to win:



We’ll have more updates very soon, including a debut trailer showing off new in-game footage.

If you’re going to PAX Prime this year, stop by our booth and check out our game! We can’t wait to see you.


How to download top paid android games for free?

We all know that Google play is an open platform to download the Android games for the devices which operates under the Android operating system. Google play store allows you to download the games in 2 ways such as paid android games and free Android games. Other than these there is another type of game download is available with open source platforms, which permits you to download the paid games in a free manner without any cost.

The way to download the Android apps independently without redirecting it to the google play store is called as third-party app install. And to install these apps, all you need to do is to set your device as allow app installing permissions from unknown sources in your Android devices via device settings.

You want to go to the settings option and within that go to the security then you can find the option somewhere inside that, check it and mark it as a tick. Now you can download any type of free paid games on your Android device.

Here we are representing 5 alternative ways  to download the paid apps in a freeway,

  • Blackmart,
  • Android4Fun,
  • Mobegenie market,
  • GetAPK,
  • 4shared free and pro app,


This app is considered as the king of the Android market and it is the best way to download all kind of free paid apps for your android apps. The black mark app is necessary for handling all Android app users who want to get the experience of every Android app.

This app is also designed with a highly customized manner, user-friendly and it has a categorical division of android apps same as your view in a google play store. This apps also permits you to sort the apps by a free or paid manner, which helps in case you want to see the top of paid games. Apps you can also be sorted by the ratings and bringing you in the famous apps in the top of the list.


This is an another beautifully designed website for downloading the free paid android apps via online. Many more new games are added to this website to update it for day to day so that you can find all paid and not paid games on this website.

You can able to browse the paid apps on this website and download them directly to your android mobile. If you need freshmen while downloading the Android apps, you can go for using this website. Link: http://android4fun.net

Mobegenie market:

This apps follows a quite same formula as the 1 mobile concept, which has a lite version on the google play store and a pro version of this app has an additional features which work for few months without cost but again it was removed from the Google play store, to avoid that you need to pay money for it. The full version of this app is available only on the official website.

The unique feature of is this app, it gives a lot of apps more than the paid apps. It gives you a paid ebooks for a free and paid music for a free hearing, paid movies for a free viewing in your android devices and it also permits you to download the youtube videos on your device.

This also has a file manager which comes with a junk cleaner build in to clean up your device and this app shows you a stylish local weather tab on the top of your device as a notification bar.


This is a brilliant app to get free paid apps to download and free apps download, but the problem is that you have to know how to use this app properly. This app is not coded so much as properly and this is the reason behind why the users are not finding this app as a user-friendly app to use.

The main specialty of this app is, it keeps nearly all versions of the apps and not only a current update, but it has all previous versions also. So that if you needed to downgrade an app to its earlier version, this is the best app to get that app.

When you coming to downloading the APK file, it will be a little difficult and a little bit complex too. The APK files are uploaded by many of the app team members and they keep adding it as soon as possible with newer updates.

4shared app with free and pro:

This app is not known by most of the online users, but the 4shared is another great repository to search and download any of paid games. This apps gives you all kind of apps to download, not only Android apps, but it hosts the Windows software, pictures, videos, music, pdf files, ebooks, and some more other stuff.


Most of the apps are updated by the users only and not by any of the designers. The user shared a cloud with the other users via 4shared apps. This app also legally available on the Google play store.

Video: Word Fighter Debut Trailer

We’re excited to release the debut trailer for Word Fighter! Here’s where you’ll finally be able to see the new game in action, with Edgar, Agatha, and Jane as our featured characters. Word Fighter is slated to be released this Fall 2011 for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and Android devices.


Bongo Blitz is a music rhythm game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You play the role of the bongo player in a rock band, tapping your thumbs to the beat on the left and right drum pads, as well as shaking the device like a maraca. The game features playable tracks from independent and up-and-coming music acts, such as Ernie Halter, Hey Young Believer, and Back Pocket Memory.

The game comes with a free month of video streaming courtesy of various IPTV provider sponsors. And also features NoteTracks, which allow you to play along to popular music found in your own iTunes library. Playable NoteTracks include songs from Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and OneRepublic, among others.

Download Bongo Blitz in the iTunes App Store

Why did we make Bongo Blitz?

The impetus of Bongo Blitz came from the lack of fun, accessible music games in the iOS market at the time.  The #1 game in the App Store was Tap Tap Revenge, and as nice as that game was, its gameplay didn’t have the same visceral feeling of playing music that you got from console music games.  The core mechanic centered around tapping falling notes on the screen, and the worst part was, the music would play back the same way regardless of whether or not you tapped on the notes.  The gameplay was akin to catching falling eggs into a basket with an accompanying soundtrack, and frankly, this wasn’t very fun to us.

While we brainstormed for a better way to play music games on your iPhone, we remembered a music game that we were incredibly addicted to in college: Donkey Konga for the Nintendo Gamecube. We realized that the game’s core mechanic could translate very well in portable form, so we took our cue from there and went running.

We set out to make a music game that took advantage of the iPhone’s unique properties. Two large drum pads were placed where your thumbs would naturally be when holding the device horizontally. The accelerometer was used to include maraca shakes with the gameplay. Notes scrolled horizontally, much like how you would read sheet music. And most importantly, the percussion sounds you made were played on top of the music, thus making you feel like an additional member of the band. If you messed up, the song sounded bad, but if you had the right beat and were in sync with the band, it sounded pretty awesome.