Introducing: Word Fighter

Feel Every Yummy is extremely excited to announce our next game: WORD FIGHTER! Word Fighter is a fighting game where instead of throwing punches, you fight with WORDS. The game is set to launch on iOS devices in Summer 2011. It is slated to release on Android platforms as well shortly thereafter. Word Fighter will feature: 6 playable Fighters […]

An Unfortunate Announcement on Word Fighter

It sucks to be writing this, but I might as well get straight to it: We’re pushing back the release of Word Fighter Simply put, we need more time. We very much wanted to launch this fall, but we would never be satisfied with releasing the game in its current state. It would be a […]

Writer Rumble is coming to the App Store on Nov 29!

Aaaaaaaaand we’re back! There have certainly been some questions raised (and rightfully so) on the status of Word Fighter in our prolonged absence. Our lips have been sealed for quite some time, but I’m happy to announce today that Word Fighter is alive and well, under the new name Writer Rumble!* The game is coming […]

Word Fighter Characters: J.D. – “The Hero”

We’re excited to reveal the first playable character in Word Fighter: J.D.! The awesome portrait of J.D. you see above was created by the super-talented Raf Salazar from REGRBL. More will be revealed about J.D. in the future, but here is a rough synopsis of his background: J.D. – “The Hero” Growing up an orphan, […]

Word Fighter Characters: Neil – “The Rival”

Here is the reveal of our second character: Neil! This portrait, in turn, was created by the equally awesome Digo Salazar from REGRBL. We’ve also left some clues in the text of these portraits for how we’re naming our character. Can you see the pattern based on the first two we’ve revealed? Neil – “The […]

Word Fighter is in the PAX 10!

We really thought we were a long shot… but it’s actually happened! Word Fighter has been selected for this year’s PAX 10 at Penny Arcade Expo 2011! Words can’t express how excited we are to be chosen as one of PAX’s favorite independent games this year. It feels great to be validated in such a way […]

How to download top paid android games for free?

We all know that Google play is an open platform to download the Android games for the devices which operates under the Android operating system. Google play store allows you to download the games in 2 ways such as paid android games and free Android games. Other than these there is another type of game […]

Video: Word Fighter Debut Trailer

We’re excited to release the debut trailer for Word Fighter! Here’s where you’ll finally be able to see the new game in action, with Edgar, Agatha, and Jane as our featured characters. Word Fighter is slated to be released this Fall 2011 for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and Android devices. 


Bongo Blitz is a music rhythm game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You play the role of the bongo player in a rock band, tapping your thumbs to the beat on the left and right drum pads, as well as shaking the device like a maraca. The game features playable tracks from independent and […]