Feel Every Yummy is an independent game development team based in Washington, DC, founded by two friends, Gian Cruz, and Kris Zabala. We are dedicated to making mobile games and apps for iOS. Our goal is to create fun and compelling games that specifically take advantage of the unique aspects of the mobile platform. In essence, we’re making the games that we wish we could play on the devices we love.


Our first release was Bongo Blitz, a music rhythm game for iPhone and iPod touch.

Gian M
Designer & Co-Founder


Chief creative at Feel Every Yummy. Comics enthusiast, cupcake addict, lover of all things techy. Reads more ebooks & audiobooks than actual books. Part-time crooner on YouTube.


Originally from Manila, Philippines
Favorite games: Phantasy Star Online, Donkey Konga, Say Anything, Dark Room
Favorite iOS games: Plants vs. Zombies, Canabalt, Disc Drivin’, Words With Friends


Kris Zabate
Developer & Co-Founder


Chief programmer at Feel Every Yummy. Curious self-teacher. Avid snowboarder.


Originally from Woodbridge, VA
Favorite games: Counter-Strike, Rock Band, Portal
Favorite iOS games: Fieldrunners, Ultimate Countdown